eTrac offers a comprehensive range of fault finding, repair, overhaul and parts supply solutions that are tailored to meet customers’ needs

Repair and overhaul

We specialise in repairing and refurbishing railway components such as traction modules, brake resistors, and electronic control systems. Our skilled technicians and engineers ensure that components are restored to their original functionality and performance standards.

Our comprehensive overhaul process involves meticulous inspections, refurbishments, and upgrades to extend the lifespan and improve the reliability of rolling stock.

Emergency repairs

eTrac provides rapid response and emergency repair services to address unforeseen issues and minimise disruptions to railway services. Our dedicated team ensures trains get back on track quickly and efficiently.

Testing and fault finding

Our in-house test facility provides our customers with highly-effective fault finding and compliance assurance.
We have designed and implemented bespoke test platforms for most traction and control components. Train traction and control systems can also be simulated during environmental chamber testing.

Supply of spare parts

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts, ensuring timely availability and reducing lead times for components required for repairs and overhauls.

Managing obsolescence

Where components are no longer produced by the OEM, we’ll recommend alternatives that will perform the same function to at least the same standard, if not better. In some cases, we can even engineer our own robust replacements.

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